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For over 40 years, BRAC, the world’s largest development organisation, has been taking proven anti-poverty solutions born in Bangladesh to 10 other countries around the world.

  • About Medhabikash

    Medhabikash udyog, meaning ‘promoting talent’ In Bengali, was started in 2005. It is an innovative intervention where talented but disadvantaged students receive financial support to pay their college or university tuition fees both at home and abroad. In addition, they also receive capacity building training in English and computer literacy.

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  • Recipients of the award

    This scholarship is awarded to high achieving students who score at least 80 percent in the Secondary School Certificates (SSC) or  Higher Secondary School Certificates (HSC) examination, which is equivalent to grade point average (GPA) 5 or A+. However, often due to financial constraints many of them cannot pursue their dream of higher education. If some do enrol themselves in institutions of higher education, limited financial ability hinders their academic performance. Therefore, through medhasbikash udyog BRAC provides financial support to these underprivileged, but meritorious students. This monthly monetary support covers admission fees, books and other educational and daily expenses. In addition, girls receive a stipend for transportation and incidental expenses. As of December 2013, a total of 3,042 students received medhabikash scholarships at higher secondary (class 11-12) and undergraduate levels of which 42.66  per cent recipients were girls.

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  • Support provided

    The medhabikash programme is not just limited to financial support. The programme consists of specially designed training modules to develop students’ confidence and skills in English and computer literacy.

    The English language course has been designed to help students gain more advanced knowledge of the language, which is often not covered in the traditional curriculum. As the general standard of English language teaching is rather poor in most secondary schools,  our English course is fundamental in helping students’ English language proficiency advance to the next level.

    The information technology training programme covers elementary skills that are essential to carry out common office tasks, including basic competency in software such as Microsoft Word and Excel.

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